Conrad Black on Wolff’s Murdoch

rupeblck.pngSay what you will about Conrad Black, he is certainly making the most of his jail time. Today he makes an appearance at The Daily Beast to weigh in on Michael Wolff’s take on Rupert Murdoch. Here’s a taste:

Rupert Murdoch is the greatest media owner in history…but Michael Wolff’s The Man Who Owns The News is a very uneven read…Wolff wades through a confusing and cliched account of Murdoch’s life, replete with factual errors, serious omissions, mind-reading suppositions, extreme psychological liberties, and the conclusion that Murdoch will be “temperamentally compelled” to try to acquire the New York Times, and buys newspapers “to change himself.” I don’t think so.

It’s not all accolades for Rupe, however, here’s our favorite part:

It is also true that Murdoch uses his media to further his political and business objectives and to attack his enemies. There is nothing wrong with that [ha!], but losses of a million dollars a week each at the New York Post and London Times, for decades, is a high price to lay off on a public company for what he described to me as “psychic income.” Indeed, Murdoch does not subscribe to the fraud that the best management leaves the working press to do what it wants with their employers’ property; and Murdoch is, as Wolff writes, in sum, “a manipulative bastard” who believes in nothing except himself and his company, and eventually double-crosses almost everyone.