Idaho Teen Takes Dead Aim at Hollywood

ConnorWilliamsFor the moment, the most famous showbiz connection involving the small town of Eagle, Idaho is a resident by the name of George Kennedy. The actor, who turns 86 next month, won an Academy Award for Cool Hand Luke and was a willing, onscreen foil for the late Leslie Nielsen.

Hoping to soon follow in those footsteps is 13-year-old local Connor Williams (pictured), originally from Folsom, California. Williams is showcasing himself with full confidence via the URL, where his biography informs that he directed his first short film at age ten and collected his inaugural festival prize soon thereafter.

This kid has chutpzah. His eleventh filmmaking effort, currently in production, is a documentary about his efforts to sell a compilation of his short films door to door in order to fund a future trip to LA. Films like The Kiss, which he describes as follows:

A girl threatens to beat me up if I don’t kiss her. I go to my brother for help which was a big mistake. (Played in 3 festivals including Athens, Greece; won best movie made by a kid in a festival.)

Williams is also running a monthly giveaway contest on his website. Good luck, kid, and when you finally hit Los Angeles, look us up!