Connecting With PRNewser

While the PRNewser email inbox has been receiving a somewhat steady flow of reader reactions and pitches, we can always use more. (Yes, you read that right, we said more!) However, emailing isn’t the only way to get on our radar.

Thus we ask, how would you like to connect with PRNewser? Is the commenting login keeping you from weighing in on the latest post? We hope not, the login system only takes a minute and then you’re good to go. But if it is, let us know.

Are you afraid to use the anonymous tips box? Don’t be, your anonymity is 100% guaranteed. Is there anything else we’re missing here? Let us know in the, um, comments, or via email, or anonymously – whatever your prefer.

And of course, you can connect with either one of us on Twitter (@joeciarallo, @JasonChupick). We have @prnewser too and hope to ramp it up soon.