Have We Connected?

Twittercism is only a few months old but has already built a strong number of subscribers and regular visitors, with folks taking advantage of the different ways to read the content of this blog, via RSS reader, email, the Kindle, and of course the website itself.

A lot of my readers have come to this website thanks to my presence on Twitter, where through the @Sheamus account I share a lot of great content from my travels around the internet.

Others have arrived at Twittercism from social media bookmarking portals, such as Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon, thanks to the kindness of those who have been generous enough to submit my articles to these sites.

And I’ve been fortunate enough to be mentioned and quoted on many great sites such as Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, ZDNet and Techmeme.

This is all fantastic, but because of the different paths that lead everybody to this site, there’s an element of disparity about these connections. This is the time to rectify that!


The key word in social networking is, of course, social. Here are the ways we can socialise!


As mentioned, you can follow me on Twitter by hooking up with @Sheamus (http://twitter.com/Sheamus). That’s me. 🙂

By the way: if you’re already following me on Twitter, and we regularly chat and engage with one another, but I’ve yet to follow you back, it’s entirely accidental on my part. Lately I’ve found (to my chagrin) that there are many accounts I thought I’ve been following for weeks and months that I was not, and I’m happy to rectify this if you let me know.


If you would like to friend me on Facebook, you can do so at this link.


You can also friend me at Friendfeed via this link. (http://friendfeed.com/Sheamus).


For enquiries related to this blog or Twitter, you can reach me at sb [AT] twittercism.com. I’m happy to look at and possibly review your Twitter-related website or application, and welcome interviews and opportunities for guest posts and reportage.

Don’t Be Shy

This is an open invitation and I urge everybody to get in touch. Obviously I’m only interested in real people – not spammers or bots, and I don’t have any interest in hooking up with somebody who just wants to bomb me into oblivion with sale attempts. Certainly if we’ve engaged on Twitter but we’ve yet to link up in these other places I’d very much like to make that connection. If you’re interesting and engaging, I’m more than happy to follow you back.

Tip: if we’re already in touch on Twitter (or somewhere else), please mention this in your initial response as this will help me to join the dots.

Later this year, I’ll be starting a new blog that will feature articles on a greater depth of topics in social media and technology, as well as current affairs, entertainment and possibly a whisker of everything else. Essentially it will focus on trends – by connecting with me in the ways outlined above, you’ll be the first to hear when I launch this site, as well as being right on the frontline for all my latest content, too.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. 🙂