Connect Integrations, Zynga, Turkey and Phrases in This Week’s List of Top Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Half of our list of Top 20 growing Facebook applications by daily active users was made up of Connect apps this week — that includes the likes of Yahoo, MySpace, Huffington Post and Hulu. The rest of the list was a mixed bag of Zynga’s CityVille, a few Turkish apps, Groupon, LivingSocial and a couple games. We compile this list with our AppData service.

It’s important to note that Facebook said Tuesday there’s a system bug affecting Connect apps, which means that the rapid growth we’re seeing in some of these Connect apps may be due to the bug and not to actual growth. We’ll be covering that issue as we know more.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Yahoo!6,217,322+3,843,796+162%
2. Sanal Video1,835,268+1,674,719+1,043%
3. Myspace1,235,927+1,201,586+3,499%
4. Photobucket1,314,159+1,184,306+912%
5. Wikia1,124,505+1,109,685+7,488%
6. Huffington Post1,133,869+1,044,004+1,162%
7. CityVille20,083,756+506,931+3%
8. Hulu478,509+468,764+4,810%
9. Groupon472,537+407,705+629%
10. AddictingGames382,331+355,931+1,348%
11. Bleacher Report324,443+310,527+2,231%
12. LivingSocial433,958+307,264+243%
13. Windows Live Messenger13,233,420+298,373+2%
14. Sanal Okey370,618+277,515+298%
15. Phrases1,836,668+259,944+16%
16. metroFLOG291,958+217,532+292%
17. Frases Diarias832,017+217,323+35%
18. Kongregate Games207,376+206,045+15,481%
19. MyVideo191,416+188,877+7,439%
20. Frenziac184,458+184,228+80,099%

Specifically, these Connect apps include: Yahoo, MySpace, Photobucket, Wikia, The Huffington Post, Hulu, Bleacher Report, MetroFlog, Kongregate Games and MyVideo. Some of these saw percentage gains of DAUs in the thousands of percent and in raw numbers they gained anywhere from 3.8 million to 188,900 DAUs.

There were a pair of Turkish games on the list, too. Second on the list was Sanal Video, which grew more than 1,000% with 1.6 million users; the app shows the user a list of top videos to view and then may share on Facebook. Then there was Sanal Okey, a card-like game from Arcade Monkey, which grew by 277,500 users, or 298% percent.

Two more game apps  were on the list this week. That includes AddictingGames at number 10, which grew more than 1,300% adding almost 356,000 DAUs by offering a buffet of games to users and Frenziac at number 20 by TubeYou. Frenziac is an easy game to play where the mouse collects “green blobs,” and grew most of its 184,200 DAUs to number 20.

Two Phrases applications — one in English and one in Spanish — were on the list this week. Phrases by Takeoff Monkey grew by about 260,000 users, but for some reason is no longer available to U.S. users, meaning most of the growth came from elsewhere, specifically Europe, Mexico and the Philippines. A similar Spanish app, Frases Diarias, saw a growth of 217,300 DAUs, 35% growth, by offering users phrases by people like Gandhi and Justin Bieber, in both English and Spanish.

Finally, Groupon and LivingSocial, as well as Windows Live Messenger saw growth on our list this week. And Zynga’s CityVille was there, too, adding a Groupon tie-in of free in-game currency, City Cash, with the purchase of a Groupon flower deal. The app saw a 3% growth of about 507,000 DAUs.