Connect to Your Digital Life Via Microsoft Live Mesh

Imagine all your digital devices, mobile phones, mobile PCs, dekstops containing all your digital properties interconnected with each other and lets you access them anytime, anywhere. Ain’t it fun? It certainly is fun and it would all soon be possible with Microsoft Live Mesh.

Microsoft Live Mesh is being touted as a platform not just for computers but for all personal digital devices such as mobile phones, digital camera, digital storage media, and even digital photo frames. Being a platform for all these means that you can back up the files in all those digital devices, access them using any of those devices. If you’re familiar with “mobile to pc synching”, Live Mesh is almost the same although in a bigger scale.

Live Mesh is currently available for anyone with Microsoft Live ID but is currently limited only to Windows users. But Microsoft promised to make it available to other platforms (Linux and Mac). All you have to do to start using Live Mesh is to install the software into all your digital devices, and it will automatically sync all your digital files.

Anything that you would add to Live Mesh will be available to all your digital devices where you installed the software. From then on, anything that you modify, change or alter in any of those devices will be synchronized with all the other devices.

Once you get settled with your Live Mesh installation, you can then start sharing your files with your friends and colleagues by inviting them to a particular folder in your Live Mesh. You can also stay informed about updates and activities in your Mesh.

You may sign up for Live Mesh here and make sure you have your Windows Live ID ready.