Connect the Movie & Music Past With the Present

filtersageI’ve always found that the best way to find the best things this world has to offer as far as arts and entertainment is by word of mouth.

When someone truly know who you are, they better understand the things you will enjoy – way better than a ‘reviewer’ ever could.

When it comes to music and movies, Filtersage asks a simple question: What does it remind you of?

Relying on groups of strangers who have similar interests, the site aims to introduce you to movies and music from yesterday that are similar to your faves from today.

For example here are two of my own recommendations…

If you like the Goo Goo Dolls…try The Replacements.
If you dig There’s About Mary…watch The Sweetest Thing.

When you connect arts from the past with the present, you can truly appreciate how an artist was influenced along the way.

Filtersage is fun because you can add your two cents to existing pairings or create your own.

This is a great way to filter through new releases to see if an album or movie is worth your time. After all, with so much media floating around out there, you HAVE to be somewhat selective.

Rounding out the site experience are trailers and music videos, enabling you to check certain media out on the spot.