Connect Integrations, Games and Poker on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Several Connect integrations topped our list of AppData’s Top 20 emerging Facebook apps this week. The Huffington Post, Wikia and Hulu were on top of lots of games and a few poker apps. In particular, The Huffington Post grew by more than 550,000 users this week for 134% growth, community knowledge site Wikia grew substantially by 460,300 users and video site Huly by 319,700.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Huffington Post962,740+551,024+134%
2. Wikia540,033+460,331+578%
3. Draw My Thing852,034+346,577+69%
4. Hulu348,574+319,773+1,110%
5. Salon Street619,880+304,247+96%
6. Bandsintown847,249+299,383+55%
7. Kebap Dünyası387,318+268,625+226%
8. Dog Show Friends555,717+243,400+78%
9. Friend Characters580,632+234,137+68%
10. Джезве / Cezve567,876+225,365+66%
11. Birthdays Reminder664,372+222,911+50%
12. เท็กซัสโป๊กเกอร์312,593+217,473+229%
13. The Pokerist club — Texas Poker741,359+214,658+41%
14. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – The Game292,218+210,239+256%
15. PyramidVille326,431+208,564+177%
16. Pawn Stars: The Game245,887+194,081+375%
17. Touch HD230,000+178,483+346%
18. Pizza World543,484+173,377+47%
19. SpeedDate889,239+171,837+24%
20. AddictingGames358,500+168,490+89%

Bandsintown is an app for music lovers and musicians that allows you to either post or follow music activity. The app has a, Pandora, iTunes and Twitter integration that provides lots of opportunities to set the user up with bands to follow. The app boasted almost 300,000 users this week, a 55% gain.

All manner of games were popular on the list this week. There were virtual world games like Salon Street, Turkish Kebap Dünyası, Dog Show Friends, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – The Game, PyramidVille in French, Pawn Stars: The Game and Pizza World. Other games included Friend Characters, which creates photos for your profile and Addicting Games, almost like a clearinghouse of different apps and games. Check out our sister site Inside Social Games for more details.

Birthdays Reminder customizes calendars with Facebook friends in Valentine’s Day themes. One interesting way the app builds traffic is that, when it publishes the photo album with your customized calendar, each and every one of your friends is tagged in the month they have their birthday. This, in turn, alerts one’s friends about the app — the aggressive virality of the feature appears to be a platform policy violation.

SpeedDate, which was on our list last week, was also growing a lot this week, counting 889,200 users; the app sets users up on “speed dates” on Facebook to chat. There were also a few poker apps that grew about the same amount this week. Texas Poker in Thai showed a 229% growth this week with 217,500 users, and The Pokerist Club, which showed a gain of 41% with 214,700 users.