Congresswoman Gets Serious Press For Wavy Locks

If a congressman had hair like this, there’s no doubt he’d get noticed and maybe hospitalized. But a woman like Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

The Democratic Florida Congresswoman got a splashy picture and two sizable graphs in a weekend NYT Style section story about women who don’t apologize for their wavy hair. The author, Judith Newman, called Wasserman Schultz her “new cultural and hair hero.” She praises the lawmaker for standing up to her GOP colleague Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), but more importantly, for not giving in to the “Blowout Conspiracy.”

This is by no stretch the first time that Wasserman Schultz has gotten media attention for her hair. And that attention hasn’t always been positive. In May, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said the “Blabbermouth” congresswoman uses a domestic mayonnaise in her hair. “She’s doing something to her hair,” he said. “Looks like mayonnaise, I don’t know what.” A commenter retorted with a crack on his blubbery physique, saying, “Well, this man knows his mayonnaise, folks.”

Wasserman Schultz’s hair has been called everything from an “angry perm” to “fabulous curly hair” to “very curly hair.” It has been described as “nappy” and the “greatest curly hair you have ever seen.”

In 2007 she got press for her hair when she shocked the world and straightened it. Most of the commentary was favorable, but still, she returned to curls. “I don’t know if I’m surprised,” said her spokeswoman Mara Sloan, who mildly chuckled over all the attention her boss gets for her locks and affirmed that no, Wasserman Schultz doesn’t think it’s “important.” It was clear, however, that Sloan was pleased with the weekend press. “I think it’s good to show curls are wonderful,” she said, adding that she doesn’t get a lot of questions about her boss’s hair but that doesn’t mean reporters don’t ask. “They may ask her,” she said.

Sloan said she would check in with the congresswoman, who is traveling, on press coverage of her hair later today. We’ll keep you posted…