Congressman’s Aide Says NPR Needs ‘Schweaty Balls’

A new aide to South Carolina Republican Rep. Tom Rice called out NPR in a weekend tirade more fit for South Park than Facebook. John Sweeney, who wrote for the Morning News and, joined Price’s staff on June 23, 2013 as the Pee Dee Regional Rep. for the 7th Congressional District. His duties? Naturally, outreach and constituent service.

Everyone knows Republicans abhor NPR because they receive federal funding. But was it really necessary for Sweeney to continue his rant by saying NPR needs “some schweaty balls”? Of course it was. The reference comes from an SNL spoof about NPR better known as “Schweddy balls.” In the segment we meet “Pete Schweddy” played by Alec Baldwin, who hasn’t been in the news enough lately. “The thing I most like to bring out at this time of year are my balls,” Schweddy says, presenting a platter of delectable cookies shaped like male body parts. He’s referring to gumballs, popcorn balls, sweets, etc… Watch here.

No doubt, Sweeney’s hire was controversial. Back in early June, some on Facebook couldn’t comprehend why Rice hired him considering, they claimed, he’d been highly critical of local Republicans in his work as a journalist. A reporter critical of lawmakers? We’d like to think that — shockingly — this was his job. He does have a minor in theater from Florence, South Carolina’s Francis Marion University — so maybe that explains the dramatic insults about NPR.

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