CongressDaily’s McPike Gets it First

CongressDaily’s <a Erin McPike had the news of Massachusetts Senate hopeful Martha Coakley’s loss last night just after 9 p.m. for a two full minutes on her BlackBerry before she realized it was flashing.

But it was a full two minutes before anyone else.

McPike was first to break the news of the Coakley loss (and therefore GOP Scott Brown victory) last night. She broke the news over Twitter.

“I was on a computer in the CongressDaily newsroom and not even on Outlook because it was someone else’s computer with their settings,” McPike explained to FishbowlDC late last night. “I was on Webmail, which for everyone everywhere is disastrously slow. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw the red blinking light from my Blackberry and had two e-mails that had been waiting for me for two whole minutes… about Coakley’s phone call from a Republican source in the room with Brown. I knew it would move extremely quickly, so I mentioned it aloud to the editors sitting right by me, and since I was sitting in front of a computer and had Twitter open, I simultaneously put it up as fast as I could.”

Within a minute, WaPo’s</em Chris Cillizza also had the news.