How Do Your Elected Officials In Congress Tweet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You put them there, so you should understand not only how your members of Congress are voting on the issues you care about, but also how they’re using Twitter (especially if they’re sending lolcat links during a session…).

PR firm Edelman took a look at the tweeting habits of Congress in the below infographic, exploring who has an account (and who doesn’t), bipartisan tweeting and more.

Just under half of both the Senate and the House actually have Twitter accounts. In the Senate it’s split right down the middle, with 44 Democrats and 43 Republicans tweeting. But in the House, Republicans far outweigh their Democrat counterpoints, with 217 Twitter accounts to just 150.

Republicans are less likely to engage in bipartisan “tweeting across the aisle”, however. 20 Republican accounts in the Senate and 118 accounts in the House have never tweeted to a Democrat, while 16 Democrat accounts in the Senate and 79 in the House refuse to reach across the aisle themselves.

You can also see the tweet style of members of Congress from each of the four main regions of the US, and the most mentioned hashtags in tweets from your elected representatives in the infographic below:

(Infographic courtesy of Edelman; Congress building image via via Shutterstock)

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