Congratulations Los Angeles: They are shooting twice as many pilots here as Rhode Island!

Question: is the recent down tick of pilots produced in LA proper good or bad for business at the Gumbo Pot in the Farmer’s Market? Yes it means more people gulping beignets at 2 in the afternoon because they don’t have jobs to go to, but will they have the 6 bucks in nickels to follow that up with a Po’ Boy? Then on the plus side, maybe all those pilot starlings won’t be starving themselves this summer because there is no work to starve themselves for?

Of course the down tick comes to little surprise — and if it is so bad how come I still can never get anywhere on Olympic after 1pm?– there was one piece of shocking news in the Variety recap.

Washington, D.C., was home to three pilots and Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas each drew two. Massachusetts, Illinois, Tennessee, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Utah each hosted a single pilot.

Three pilots are being shot in Washington DC? Have you ever been to DC? There are maybe three decent bars DC tops– and once you find one of them, it will close down three weeks later. And don’t get me started about the rent.

Of course the most shocking part was that Betty the Ugly wasn’t one of them. I kid, I kid – I am allowed to because I am from there.

That’s right: for those keeping score at home this is Claude’s cranky surgeon of a best bud Bones commanding the tank here in the Fishbowl (You might remember that Claude and I were long-ago comrades together at Variety).

As staff doctor I would be remiss to not raise some concerns about Aaron Sorkin. Not only is the man expected to save a entire multi-conglomerate this fall, but Studio 60 is one of only two new shows being shot within our borders. Just thinking about that makes me want to jet off to The Wynn with some sugar cubes of acid some horse tranquilizers.

But maybe that’s just me.

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