Confirm and Deny; John Mayer Hearts Perez Hilton and Jessica Simpson


Amidst a power struggle in Zimbabwe, debate over the bailout of Bear Stearns, and the 40th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr., the news of the freaky public threeway makeout between John Mayer, Perez Hilton, and Jessica Simpson is unfolding.

Hilton told his side of the story apparently to clear the air about some things Mayer had been saying on his blog (don’t bother, nothing there).

In the more than forty items Google News about the incident, most refer to his “publicists” and quote one, not denying, but saying Hilton’s claims are “ridiculous”.

For fun, I checked with Mayer’s publicist Tiffany Shipp at Sunshine & Sachs who still didn’t deny: “To reiterate, this is all ridiculous”.

We’re waiting to see if Rick Astley weighs in with the answer.