Conference Time: Meeting ‘The Others’


Adaptive Path‘s got something to say leading into this year’s round of conferences coming up soon, and it has to do with a thing we’ve always wondered about. We all know the places we visit, speaking of sites, from your Kottkes to your Coudals (we threw that last one in there because we’re heavily biased), but surely there are whole other worlds out there of designers or otherwise-internet-curious people in a similar industry, who aren’t traveling in the same circles. And conferences are your chance to get out there and see what else is going on:

It’s fun to learn about (or visit) other galaxies on occasion though. This is ideally what conferences are for: bringing ambassadors from different galaxies together. But like any good tourist, you need a strong stomach and an open mind. People you’ve heard rumors of turn out to be different than you expected and the customs are, well, just weird. And because you are a stranger there, you aren’t sure what is normal. I’ve found it’s best in such situations to reserve judgment and take in the experience. Only then can you head back to your own galaxy with what you learned, instead of just (first) impressions.