Conference Calls From Facebook

Walkie TalkieSince you are already spending enough time on Facebook, why not spend even more time by making all your business conference calls from Facebook? YackPack’s WalkieTalkie application adds a push-to-talk feature to Facebook groups. Simply select the group that you would like to chat with and then listen in and push the button when you wish to talk. It is as simple as that! While I doubt many companies will be making this their center of communication, I’m contemplating it given that the new company we are launching is heavily related to Facebook. This application has apparently been around for a while given that there are close to 14,000 users and it is listed in the Facebook applications directory. For some reason this one slipped through my filters but it is very cool. If you want a Facebook Groups walkie-talkie on your profile go grab the WalkieTalkie application.