Conduit Mobile rebranded as Como, launches updated mobile app creation tools

Marketing Genie 1

Mobile and web engagement solutions company Conduit has relaunched its “Conduit Mobile Business” unit as Como, in an effort to reflect the company’s evolution as a leading do-it-yourself mobile app creation platform. Como has been used to create over 600,000 apps, with 3,500 created each day. Alongside this rebranding, the company has announced its “Como Console,” an updated version of the mobile app development system.

The Como Console offers small and medium-sized business owners a “one-stop-shop” for creating, promoting and managing their mobile apps, all without the need for coding experience. The console offers multiple design themes in numerous colors, and includes access to a variety of icons, backgrounds, layout styles and more. In this way, app creators can tailor their apps to the look and feel of their real-world businesses.

Como Console offers additional tools specifically for restaurants. With MyCheck, for instance, apps can be created with access to viewing and paying bills from within the app. In addition, the platform supports adding in-app ordering options. Once an order has been placed, publishers have the option of offer push notifications and in-app map tracking for users to stay up-to-date on the status of their orders and deliveries.

After an app has been designed, the company’s “Marketing Genie” allows premium publishers to access high-quality app marketing, which results in more downloads and more customers. This service includes the ability to create Facebook campaigns for apps, as well as “real world” marketing tools, like QR codes that can be placed inside a business.

“Como’s rapid success demonstrates what happens when you break down the technological and economic barriers that have prevented many businesses from creating their own mobile apps,” said Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, Vice President of Marketing at Como.

“As millions of consumers today turn to their smartphones and tablets to shop, search, order, and pay, even the smallest businesses need to reach their customers on mobile devices. The tremendous growth we’ve seen since our launch in 2010 has led us to today’s introduction of Como—a distinct brand that serves the needs of modern businesses and allows them to connect with their customers wherever they happen to be.”

Como says over 70 percent of the apps created each day are created by small business owners. In total, apps created with Como have over 10 million daily active users. Users can create apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and HTML5. More information on the Como platform is available on the company’s website.