Condé’s First Apple Watch App is From Epicurious [Updated]

It's simple and quite useful.

Raise your hand if you thought Epicurious would be the first Condé Nast brand to get an Apple Watch app. Now that you’ve admitted to being a liar, please go sit in the corner and reflect upon your sins. As for the rest of you, that’s right — Epicurious’ Smart Timer is the first Condé Apple Watch app.

To use Smart Timer, Watch owners simply select a recipe from the Epicurious iPhone app, and then the Watch sends you reminders or tips on how to prepare and cook the food.

The Smart Timer isn’t revolutionary; it’s simple and fun. And that’s okay. Condé and Epicurious already understand that Watch apps don’t have to be Earth-shattering for people to appreciate them.

Update (10:52 am):
Epicurious exec editor Eric Gillin hinted at the Apple Watch app in a previous FBNY interview.

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