Conde Nast Would Like to Sell You a Men’s Vogue Pin

conde11.13.08.jpgTwo weeks ago, Conde Nast folded Men’s Vogue into Vogue, essentially killing the magazine. That doesn’t mean the struggling media company can’t continue to hawk merch designed for the men’s pub, however.

Right now, the featured product at the Conde Nast online store (Conde has an online store?) is a limited edition pin designed by Michael Bierut on behalf of Men’s Vogue. According to the site, “All proceeds benefit Dog Tags, a new initiative of the charity Puppies Behind Bars,” and it will run you $10.00 (or what two issues of the October issue cost).

Other Men’s Vogue-related products include a P.F.1 “Sur Les Paves La Ferme!” Poster ($50) and a New York City Subway Diagram 2008 ($299). Can we call them collector’s items?