Conde Nast Cuts Website Launches but Still Hopeful About Magazines!

20newhouse.1903.jpgConde Nast: Always looking to the future! Agency Spy is saying that a spy has told them that Conde Nast has decided to put all its website launches on hold for the time being. Maybe not all that surprising considering not that long ago they decided to downsize Portfolio…in the middle of a financial crisis. But still. We all know everyone is tightening their belt at the moment, but is reducing your presence online really a smart move?

Maybe the point is they don’t actually care all that much. At today’s Newhouse panel at the Plaza the three titans of Conde Nast — David Remnick, Graydon Carter, and (apparently not going anywhere) Anna Wintour — didn’t seem all that fazed. The New York Observer reports that when asked about the current media crisis this is what they had to say:

“I think we’ve been in difficult times before and we’ve come out of them and I’m sure that we will again,” said Ms. Wintour.

“If your magazine — or your company, whatever it is — has a point it can do well in tough times,” said Mr. Carter.

“I think magazines have a future!” said Mr. Remnick.

We are going to let David Remnick off the hook here because actually The New Yorker online is very forward-thinking. And maybe Vanity Fair and Vogue have slightly less to worry about then, say, Elegant Bride. But there is something to the current tone Conde, as a whole, is taking towards the Web that conjures images of first-class passengers on the Titanic who somehow believe they won’t have to go for a swim simply because they don’t want to.