Condé Nast Closing Doors

To the cafeteria, that is! Sorry, we know the headline is misleading, but that’s what you get on a slow news day. Adweek is reporting that Condé Nast is shutting down the cafeteria in its Third Avenue location because no one uses it anymore:

Condé Nast has moved several magazines out of the space it leases at 750 Third, including Golf Digest and Brides, leaving just Fairchild, its B2B fashion unit. On top of that, Condé has consolidated its B2B business, closing men’s fashion trade DNR and selling its non-fashion trades. As a result, the number of people the cafeteria is designed to serve has declined.

It’s tempting to view this as a sign of bad things to come, but really, it’s just a smart business move. FishbowlNY doesn’t understand why Condé felt the need to make the area look like a club in the first place, but who knows, maybe eating cafeteria slop is easier when your chair looks cool.