As the Condé Nast World Turns

There's an interloper at 1WTC, and his name is Orville Redenbacher.

CondeNastCafeteriaThis week’s episode of As the Condé Nast World Turns, delivered by New York Post senior writer Kirsten Fleming, is mainly about food.

On the plus side, the Condé Nast cafeteria at 1WTC is now open for business, filling the void created by a lack of nearby coffee shops. On the minus side, someone with access to a kitchen shared by Vogue and Architectural Digest employees has a fondness for 4 p.m. microwave popcorn:

“All of the Vogue team is trying to figure out who is doing it so we can ask that person to stop,” dishes one staffer, who asked to not be named for professional reasons.

…”People make popcorn and barbecued food. There are high-end clothes and clients coming in. We don’t want it to smell like food,” adds the Vogue-ette, who joins a chorus of kvetching Condé Nast employees less than enamored with their new digs.

The same tipster has kinder words towards the end of Fleming’s piece about the stunning sunset views afforded by their company’s new 1WTC corporate headquarters. It is at this point in the narrative that Fleming describes her source as “the popcorn-hating Vogue employee.” If that isn’t an Internet meme waiting to happen, we don’t know what is.

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