Condé Nast’s First iPhone App Teams Up with Loreal

It took this long for Si Newhouse to come up with an iPhone application for one of his Condé Nast titles? (edit: Condé has 10 other apps out for various other magazines, but this will be the first for Vanity Fair.) Well, no one is going to accuse the media titan of knowing too much about the Internet, but at least he can make Vanity Fair on par with, say, The Onion in terms of techno-savviness. As of today, you can officially get the Vanity Fair Hollywood App for free, which allows you to pick who you think will win the Academy Awards, and share that information with your friends. Sounds like a half-baked project in social media? Probably, but it’s a good start. The project teams up with L’oreal Paris cosmetics to provide specials via the “gift-bag feature” of the app.

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New York, N.Y. — Vanity Fair announces its Vanity Fair Hollywood App for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s now available for free on the App Store via

Voting pools have always been a big part of Oscar night, but this app allows you to make your picks (and get real-time results) using your iPhone or iPod touch. Invite your friends in the weeks and days leading up to Hollywood’s big night, vote for the people you think have the best chance of winning, compare your selections to those of friends and V.F. editors, and don’t forget to brag about your powers of prediction using the Facebook-connected chat feature. Things get even more interesting on awards night, when you’ll be able to see who’s winning in your group as the envelopes are opened. (Non-iPhone or iPod touch users can access the voting and sharing features from

“It’s a good first app for us,” says Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. “Terrific Hollywood slideshows and articles, the glamour and dazzle of what we like to think is the greatest annual party in the world, and best of all, the ideal way to do your voting pool on Oscar night. I’ve used a pencil and paper for the last 35 years, and I’ve never gotten anything right—not anymore!”

The app also offers exclusive access to content, including background information on nominees, trailers of nominated films, and slideshows.

Click on the news page for exclusive Hollywood stories, videos, slideshows, and photos from Vanity Fair’s famous Oscar night party.

L’Oreal Paris is the sponsor of the Vanity Fair Hollywood App, and will provide special offers and incentives via the gift-bag feature of the app.

“L’Oreal Paris has been a great longtime sponsor of Campaign Hollywood and this was a natural extension of our relationship, which has grown to include all our platforms,” says Vanity Fair Vice President and Publisher Edward Menicheschi. “From live events to social media, integration is so important to us–and this is an ideal example of reaching audiences through all available media.”

“Condé Nast has already enjoyed great success with the ten apps currently available from several of our brands, and we think Vanity Fair’s Hollywood App is an impressive addition to the company’s offerings,” says Charles H. Townsend, President and C.E.O. Condé Nast. “It puts the user right in the center of the conversation, and is an experience that is uniquely Condé Nast in content and quality.”