Condé Nast Pulls Plug on Blog Network

Condé Nast is pulling the plug on its blog network in one of its numerous moves to pull back resources from the Web in the face of slowing ad revenue growth.
The little-known blogs were created by Susan Kaplow, whose title is director of syndication and development and who works under vp of editorial operations Rick Levine and editorial director Tom Wallace.
Launched in the fall of 2007, the network’s three bare-bones sites are fueled by a tiny staff and network of freelancers. The sites have an independent, informal look and feel; Product Fiend is a skincare site offering news and tips under headings like Lip Schtick and Zit Zapper. Elastic Waist is devoted to weight-related obsessions, and the third, Daily Bedpost, is a sex blog. They were originally billed as being separate from the company’s magazines, but all three display prominently links to Condé Nast’s Glamour, Allure and Self. A copyright line identifies the blogs as being part of Condé Nast.
“This blog network was a valued experiment,” Kaplow wrote in an email supplied by a company spokesperson. “It was growing and doing well at syndication but we can no longer continue to support it in this environment.”
It’s unclear how much traction the network gained. Condé Nast did not immediately release traffic figures for the blogs; a company source with access to the numbers said Bedpost’s traffic was around 100,000 unique monthly users. ComScore said the sites didn’t meet its minimum reporting threshold of 100,000 unique visitors per month.