Condé Nast Plays Musical Executive Titles

Condé Nast re-org

With new magazines sprouting up left and right like weeds, it’s not entirely surprising that Condé Nast is running out of room to house them all. (They’ve probably got three or four start-ups in the basement they commissioned and then forgot about.)

What’s the solution? Re-org! (That was a trick question. Isn’t re-org always the solution?)

Memo after the jump.

From: Townsend, Chuck
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 11:48 AM
To: Conde Nast Publications-All;
Subject: Conde Nast Publications Reorganizes

We have reached a point in the growth of our business where it makes good sense to operate as one consolidated company, Condé Nast Publications.

The combined operations will include seven divisions: Condé Nast
magazines, the new Condé Nast Business Magazine division, Fairchild Publications, Golf Digest Publications, the Condé Nast Media Group, CondéNet and the Condé Nast Shared Services Centers.

Effective immediately, Mary Berner and Mitch Fox will become officers of Condé Nast Publications. Mary will be President of the Fairchild division, and Mitch will be President of the Golf Digest division. They join David Carey, recently named President of the Condé Nast Business Magazine division.

John Bellando and Richard Beckman, two key members of the Condé Nast
executive team, continue in their respective roles as Chief Operating
Officer, Condé Nast Publications and President, Condé Nast Media Group.

There are two additional new appointments at Condé Nast Publications:
Debi Chirichella will become the company’s Chief Financial Officer, having been Condé Nast’s Senior Vice President, Finance; and Bob Sauerberg will become Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing. Bob has been Chief Operating Officer of Fairchild Publications.

This move formalizes a relationship that has naturally evolved over the past few years, beginning with the formation of the Advance Magazine Group and the creation of centralized shared services.

Operating as one company, Condé Nast Publications, will simplify our presence, create further broad-based economies for us, and position the company for future growth opportunities.

As a result of our continued expansion, we have outgrown our New York
based facilities at 4 Times Square and 7 West 34th Street. Condé Nast
Publications will operate four office facilities in Manhattan, as well as the Shared Services facility in Wilmington, Delaware, and our other editorial and sales offices in the U.S.

The four Manhattan locations will be 750 Third Avenue, 1166 Sixth Avenue, 1440 Broadway and 4 Times Square.

This represents a major organizational step forward for us. I welcome
Mary, Mitch, Debi and Bob to their new positions and I look forward to
leading our continuing success as one company.