Condé Nast Dispatches ‘Corporate Security Agents’ To Bridgehampton To Catch Editor-Impersonator


Condé Nast’s “corporate security agents” — huh? — were in Bridgehampton over the weekend to catch a party-crasher who has been using the Condé caché to crash parties.

Via Women’s Wear Daily:

“He’s no newcomer to law enforcement,” said a Condé Nast security source. “He’s been in jail numerous times, though I don’t think he’s ever served a lengthy sentence.” The source said he did not believe the “petty scam artist,” whose real name appears to be Priyantha De Silva or Di Silva, was dangerous.

The suspected con man spent last week attempting to gain entrance to a Polo Club event on July 22 and sent the following e-mail to a publicist working on the guest list: “Could you please include Cindi Leive, editor in chief, Glamour Magazine, and a guest, Lisa Frazier, for the New York premiere of ‘Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge’ event on Saturday.” He signed his e-mail Adam Cohen, special events manager for Glamour. There is no such person on staff at the magazine. The telephone number he gave was for the Self reception desk.

We’re fairly certain “Priyantha De Silva” is not Tommy Lee Jones, although we wouldn’t put it past him.

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