Condé Imposter Priyantha Was Once Fined By NASD


Yesterday, Women’s Wear Daily brought us the story of Priyantha De Silva or Di Silva, a guy who had been using the caché of Cond&eacute Nast to get into high-profile media events like the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge without actually working at Condé Nast.

Seems as though Priyantha was once fined $50,000 by National Association of Security Dealers and barred from association with its members after “submitting “false insurance applications on behalf of public customers.”

Priyantha DeSilva (Registered Representative, New York, New York) was fined $50,000 and barred from association with any NASD member in any capacity. The sanctions were based on findings that DeSilva submitted false insurance applications on behalf of public customers and submitted falsified applications to his member firm that caused the transfer of funds from the customers’ bank accounts without authorization. In addition, DeSilva failed to deliver refund checks to public customers and instead, cashed the checks and converted the proceeds to his own use and benefit. DeSilva also failed to respond to NASD requests to appear at an on-the-record interview.

Thanks to New York Times‘ real estate reporter Joyce Cohen for hunting down the info.

UPDATE: Gatecrasher’s Ben Widdicome reported that DeSilva appeared before the New York Supreme Court under indictment for will forgery, later dismissed, and has been through Riker’s Island 8 times.

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