Condé Expands Duties of Digital Guru Dadich

Scott Dadich, the wunderkind who spearheaded the development of Wired magazine’s much-heralded iPad edition with Adobe and in so doing helped kick off Condé Nast’s e-reader strategy, is assuming a bigger role at the company.
Dadich is adding the title of corporate executive director of digital magazine development while continuing in his current post as creative director of the San Francisco-based tech title.
As Dadich explained, “I’ll be working day-to-day with the team here at Condé Nast to develop simultaneous print/digital publishing systems for our magazine brands. We’re continuing our partnership with Adobe and entering Wired-like development projects to bring titles like The New Yorker to e-reading devices this fall.”
(Condé Nast is simultaneously creating digital replicas in-house of some of its other magazines.)
Wired’s iPad app, nearly a year in the making, almost didn’t make it to the iPad because of Apple’s notorious dislike of Adobe’s Flash platform.
But the June digital issue was considered a big success, with more than 90,000 copies sold, exceeding the newsstand sales for that edition. Still, the company continues to tinker with its features, not the least of which is price: the July issue will go on sale for $3.99, $1 below the original $4.99 price, the same as the printed edition’s per copy price.

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