Concept Video Shows a Better Spotlight for iOS

Apple released iOS 6 earlier this week, and even though it’s a great update (aside from the Maps issue) some feel it can still improve. The above concept video shows several ways that one Cody Sanfilippo feels that one feature in particular, Spotlight, could be better.

Cody has taken the rather anemic search abilities that Spotlight has now and added some basic and what I would describe as obvious improvements. You can filter searches, send tweets, and even make calls from Cody’s version of Spotlight. The concept also packs in more information on the search results, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

I’d like to see these improvements on my iPad because I know that it would really improve its usefulness. As it stands, I didn’t realize that Spotlight was a named feature; I thought it was just a basic search. It’s a little sad how poorly it functions, given that it was developed by Apple.


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