Conan O’Brien’s Emmy Performance: Was Awesome, Except When It Sucked

The reviews are in for Conan O’Brien‘s Emmy-hosting performance last night. And most were favorable — with the exception of those from the state of Kentucky.

  • Los Angeles Times: Host Conan O’Brien and the show’s writers brought their quirky sense of silliness to the proceedings, with bits that hit (Bob Newhart in a cylinder that O’Brien threatened would run out of air if the show ran past its allotted time), and missed (sometimes stilted dialogue between presenters). He kept the tone light, with only slight references to the controversy surrounding the rule changes.
  • AP: The surprises in the ceremony were courtesy of host Conan O’Brien and his inventive comedy bits, including a running gag that had Bob Newhart’s life threatened if the show ran long.
  • Entertainment Weekly‘s EW blog: The first 15 minutes of the 58th annual Emmy Awards may have been the funniest awards show opening ever, thanks to its endlessly inventive host.
  • NYT: But low expectations have a bright spot: Conan O’Brien’s opening monologue had some funny moments.
  • Ken Levine: A MUSIC MAN parody? Even the Hasty Pudding Show at Harvard would not have let Conan do that.

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