Conan O’Brien Raking in the Cabbage for TBS

Conan O’Brien is bringing home the bacon for his new cable network. Advertising for the upcoming show “Conan” is reportedly selling at $30k to $40k for a 30-second spot — an amount that rivals the ad prices for Letterman and Leno. From The Wrap:

True, some rivals question that Conan truly is fetching broadcast-level ad rates. The show, they say, is packaged with other programming — “The George Lopez Show,” for example — allowing Turner latitude to attribute any value it wants to the highly anticipated late-night show.

But David Carr of TargetCast noted the likelihood that O’Brien, when sold as a stand-alone program, matched Jay Leno and David Letterman. The show, he said, was sold to advertisers during the hot upfront market this year when pricing across the late-night television schedules and networks was robust.

Only time will tell if Conan can pull in the viewers to justify the dollars, but we’re optimistic. The show premieres Monday, and upcoming guests include Jon Hamm, Seth Rogen, Tom Hanks, Michael Cera, and Harrison Ford.