From The Tonight Show to Marie Callender’s

The last time Conan O’Brien dropped in on David Letterman, Y2K was topical monologue material. In the intervening years, the prize they both coveted also slipped right through O’Brien’s fingers.

The red-haired one did not sound entirely convincing when he insisted that he is 100% happy at his new TBS home. He then told a funny story about how, the Monday after the Friday of his last Tonight Show broadcast, he was forced to convene his staff at a Marie Callender’s. O’Brien located the restaurant in Burbank, but it’s actually Toluca Lake.

Say what you will about the embattled TV networks, but the truth is that Conan’s traditional media imprint has been genuinely diminished since he moved over to TBS. He’s still “doing his thing,” ably, but from last night’s appearance, it’s clear he’s not entirely over what Jay Leno pulled.

P.S. Adding reverberating insult to injury, that particular Marie Callender’s – which opened eight months after O’Brien was born – will reportedly was torn down to give way this year to a bank.