Conan O'Brien Invites Fans To Ask Questions on Facebook

This is one for Conan O’Brien fans! The comedian is soliciting questions from his fans via his TeamCoco Facebook page and he promises to answer them (or some, at least) in a video.

He made the request in a video announcing his new show is coming to TBS on November 8. The video uses trademark Conan humor, with the comedian riffing about a game called “Angry Birds” he is playing on what looks to be an iPad.

The Facebook page is still soliciting questions with the post: “Conan’s taking your questions, and this is the place to ask him! Comment on THIS POST to submit yours! Do it now, sucka!”. There are 4,625 comments so far, with questions ranging from “Dear Conan–how far have you traced back your family tree? Did you discover any famous (or infamous) relatives?” to “How will you stop Jay Leno from taking your show? Sharks with lasers maybe?”. There are also a fair number of media requests, from publications trying their luck to students wanting to complete college assignments.

Despite the cheeky questions about Jay Leno, this seems like an ideal way for Conan to promote his new show. He has the sort of personality and humor style that translates well to social media. Also, his talent with short video is perfect for the medium, given that Facebook and Twitter are rising as a source of video referrals and Facebook is set to overtake Yahoo! within the year.

About 75,000 people ‘like’ the Team Coco page so far but I would expect that to grow. Over a million people like the “I’m with Coco” page and nearly 1.6 million follow the verified Twitter account.