Conan O’Brien Does His First Google+ Hangout [Video]

Conan O’Brien, the late night comedian with the shock of red hair, hosted his first Google+ Hangout on Monday, and apparently not everybody knows about it yet, as the recording only has 11,500 video views on YouTube. That said, Google hasn’t published any other stats to let us know how many people were actually viewing it live.

The Hangout wasn’t promoted all that much other than when Google launched their Hangouts feature, and certainly this could have had more publicity as people would have loved to see this.

Conan is of course a great host, and starts his ‘interview’ with a long random rant, as he always does in his interviews.  I’ve also included his interview at the Google offices, another hilarious Google/Conan collaboration.


Conan’s Google+ Hangout

Here’s a link to Conan at Google.