Conan Kills It as The Doof Warrior

TBS gang's Comic-Con road trip gets off to a rollicking start.

ConanSonaMadMaxThat’s Mr. O’Brien on the right with his assistant Sona, during the filming of last night’s hilarious cold open.

The TBS talk show gang is in Comic-Con for a half-week of shows, and to herald the road trip, O’Brien, Andy Richter and the band combined for a spot-on Mad Max: Fury Road send-up. Part of the reason the spoof works so well is that O’Brien is perfectly cast in the role of The Doof Warrior. (Played in the film by Australian singer-songwriter Iota.)

O’Brien, Richter and writer Jose Arroyo also came up with some inspired comic relief involving everything from GPS to hot dogs. Instant classic bit.

P.S. When Iota, a.k.a. Sean Hape, talked to Vice about getting the role of The Doof Warrior, he recalled that the breakdown described the character as “somewhere between Keith Richards and a scarecrow.”
[Photo: Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco]

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