Conan Furloughs His Long-Standing Nemesis Jordan Schlansky.

In keeping with the government shutdown, Conan O’Brien hunted down the show’s non-essential employees last night, naturally ending up in the office of his favorite scapegoat, Jordan Schlansky, the show’s “somewhat anal-retentive” associate producer. When Conan asked staffers to name the least essential employee, Schlansky’s name came up repeatedly.

Jordan Schlansky in Conan’s government shutdown segment

Schlansky’s earliest appearances on the show date back to Conan’s Late Night skits. Since then, Schlansky’s found himself trying to explain away his elitist espresso machine, his misplaced Italian Euro-snobbery and why he’s habitually late for work on Fridays. One recurrent theme—aptly suited for this latest hilarity—is Conan’s struggle to understand what exactly Schlansky does on the show, which staffers are unable to explain and Schlansky describes as “various duties.”

Schlansky recently participated in an AMA on Reddit in which he assured Redditors that he is unaware of Conan’s occasional bursts into his office: “I was innocently typing out an email when a 6’4″ man and two bright lights burst into my office.”  Overtime, Conan has whittled away at Schlansky’s once earnest (albeit aloof) demeanour, which couldn’t be any more deadpan than it is in this segment. “If someone is using humor in a confrontational circumstance, I typically don’t laugh much.”

Many people are calling for a Schlansky reality show. What do you think?