comScore: YouTubers Break Records Watching Over 100 Videos On Average In May

This week comScore released their Online Video Rankings for May 2010, which show YouTube reaching new heights, breaking records for videos viewed and surpassing an average of 100 videos viewed per viewer for the first time in history. The number of views across all web video sites is on the rise, with Vevo continuing in its upward trend and Hulu surpassing a whopping 1 billion videos viewed. However, YouTube remains the clear champion in the world of online video.

YouTube viewers have been steadily increasing their intake of video content from month to month. They started the year out with an average of 93.9 videos in January and February, increased to 96 videos per viewer in March and April, and have now surpassed the magic number 100 with an average of 101.2 videos per viewer in the month of May. This is a huge landmark for YouTube, with a total of over 14.6 billion videos viewed last month, up from 13 billion in April.

Vevo also saw tremendous growth this month. Viewers watched an average of 9.4 videos, up from 7.6 in April and the site saw a total of 430.2 million views. Of course, this includes views on YouTube, but it is still massive considering that the site only launched only 6 and a half months ago. Vevo is now the fourth most popular online video site, trailing only YouTube, Hulu and Microsoft Sites.

Do you think you’ve been watching more online videos in recent months? What do you think the new comScore statistics mean for the future of online video?

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