comScore: Number of Individuals Running Mobile Ad Campaigns Have Doubled Since 2009

According to a recent study by comScore, the number of campaigns lead by individual advertisers on major mobile websites has more than doubled since the year 2009. comScore measured a sample of over 600 most trafficked U.S. mobile web properties, and found out that the number of advertisers running campaigns increased from 280 in april 2009 to 689 the same month in 2011, representing a growth of 128%.

According to Hans Fredericks, comScore’s VP, the growth is heavily driven by the continued proliferation of smartphone devices and tablets, resulting an increase in ad dollars. The study was only limited to individual advertiser and didn’t factor in ads served through the mobile applications; else the number would have been far higher than 689 reported.

On a similar note the retailers, restaurants, and automotive brands are spending considerably more on mobile advertisement worldwide. For the first quarter of 2011 Millennial Media network reported 1,342% percent growth in revenues from retail and restaurant advertisers compared with the same period two years ago. According to Millennial Media Network the investment of automotive advertisers has increase by 723% and financial advertisers have spent 379% more in two years.

The potentially powerful relationship between smartphones and tablets is increasingly attracting the Marketers. The consumption of broadcast TV content on mobile devices is also indicating the rapid shift and interest in the mobile ads market.