Comscore: Hulu Now #1 For US Online Video Ad Views

New data released by Comscore in their June 2010 Online Video Rankings show that Hulu has surpassed Tremor Media to claim the number one spot for online video ad views in the United States. With more than 566 million American ad views on Hulu last month, the site was able to narrowly surpass Tremor Media, who had just over 523 million ad views.

Tremor Media has long been the number one online video ad network, consistently showing up in the number one spot for ads in Comscore’s online video rankings. Hulu has accomplished quite a feat, surpassing this online video ad giant. Hulu’s viewers watched an average of 24.2 ads over the course of the month of June. Tremor Media viewers, on the other hand, only watched about 8.2 ads last month.
However, these new statistics still show that Tremor Media has a much farther reach, when it comes to online video viewers. Tremor reached 21.4% of the US population while Hulu reached a mere 7.8% of the population. This is likely accounted for by the fact that Tremor ads screen across many different video sites, while Hulu’s statistics were based only on the ads viewed on the Hulu website. Tremor Media was not the farthest-reaching ad network. ScanScout reached 43.7% of the population, BrightRoll Video Network reached 40.6% and Break Media Network reached 36.8%.

The Comscore report also showed that the average length of online videos watched in June was 4.9 minutes. Video ads were 0.4 minutes and accounted for 12.2% of all videos viewed, and 1.2% of all online video viewing time.
It seems to me that as these ad networks continue to grow it means one thing for us viewers – we have to look at more ads. However, online video viewers appear to be more and more willing to watch ads when consuming online video content. Perhaps people are realizing that, like commercials on television, ads are an essential part in the monetization of online video. Or maybe they have just realized that they have no other choice but to watch ads. What do you think about video ads? And what do you think about Hulu’s rise to the top over all the other online video ad networks in the United States?