comScore: Facebook #1 Social Network in 11 of 17 European Countries

comScore issued a report this morning showing that Facebook is now the #1 social network in 11 of the 17 European countries it tracks, with nearly 100 million unique visitors on the continent in February.

Overall, Facebook’s total share of European internet minutes increased from 1.1% to 4.1% during the last year, and its share of total European social networking minutes increased from 12.3% to 30.4%.

On a per country basis, the UK is still Facebook’s largest market with over 22.6 million monthly uniques according to comScore. France is next with 13.6 million, followed by Turkey at 12.3 million, Italy at 10.7 million, and Spain at 5.6 million. The full chart is below.

Developers and marketers interested in reaching European users still a big opportunity to move quickly and reach Facebook’s users in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. Developers who localize their applications and translate their content have shown very rapid growth.

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