The Problem with the Daily Mail‘s Latest Internet Brag

Contrary to what is being widely reported, London’s Daily Mail is not the world’s most read English-language newspaper site. It’s apparently beating only because the UK publication’s December 2011 comScore stats also factor in traffic from a sister site (pictured).

Per a report in The Guardian by Dan Greenslade:

A [New York Times co.] spokeswoman, Eileen Murphy, disputed the way the comScore figures are compiled. She says the Mail only passed the Times by including in its total a personal finance site published by the paper.

“It’s a roll-up of their properties,” she says, arguing that the Times could beat the Mail if it included its Boston Globe properties in its total. “We remain the number one individual newspaper site in the world,” she says.

FishbowlLA is relieved to hear this. We’re not quite ready yet to accept the reality that large-photo celeb fashion fluff pieces attract more eyeballs than a Nicholas Kristof column.