Computers Can Monitor Your Emotions Through Keystrokes

Scientists are using your computer keystrokes to read your emotions.


No one likes to think about feelings — those soft, emotional things we hide deep down inside in our unreachable corners. No one, that is, except for scientists and researchers at Facebook, who have managed to find the keys to our black, brutal hearts. We mean keys as in keystrokes

To provide data for the study, volunteers were asked to note their emotional state after typing passages of fixed text, as well as at regular intervals during their regular (‘free text’) computer use; this provided the researchers with data about keystroke attributes associated with seven emotional states (joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt). To help them analyze sample texts, the researchers made use of a standard database of words and sentences associated with the same seven emotional states.

How good are keystroke dynamics and text-pattern analysis as feeling-detectors?  Evidently, joy is easier to detect than anger. The latter’s accuracy was 81 percent, while happiness’ rate was 87 percent.

So, if you want to be keenly aware of dispensing your emotional state, share your thoughts on this research below in the comment section below. The robots are ready to read your mind.

Read the full study here.