Complete stunt courses in Urban Trial Freestyle on iOS

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After a release on PlayStation Network, Nintendo 3DS and PC last year, Tate Multimedia has launched its Urban Trial Freestyle on iPhone and iPad. The game is described as an “action-bike racer,” and sees gamers completing more than 40 levels by dodging obstacles and performing stunts.

The game features five main environments: downtown, industrial, underground, outskirts and a train depot. It also offers three game modes: stunt, time attack and challenge. In each level, players use a slider on the left side of the screen to lean their rider forward or backward on the bike, changing its balance. Acceleration is handled on the right side of the screen. The game also supports tilt controls for those who prefer them.

Players can either floor it and fly through courses, or take their time, ensuring none of the obstacles get the better of them. These may include ramps, see-saws, large gaps, moving platforms and more.

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Outside of races, players can customize their bike and rider, changing out parts like tires and engines, using the free money earned while playing.

Rounding out the experience is a track editor, including more than 150 objects for creating new tracks, which can be shared with friends. The game’s Facebook integration supports access to these user-generated tracks, as well as ghost-riders for beating other players’ times, in-game leaderboards and more.

Urban Trial Freestyle is available to download for $1.99 on iOS. A “lite” version of the game is available to download for free before buying. It includes two game modes from the full version, as well as a sample of the game’s tracks, bikes and rider customization options.