Complete match-three levels in Game Insight’s Smiley Boom on Facebook

smiley boom 650

Game Insight’s Smiley Boom will soon make its way to iOS and Android devices, but until then, users can play the match-three game on Facebook. In Smiley Boom, players are taken to the town of “Smiland,” where players are introduced to the “Smileys,” groups of colorful orbs with their own personalities.

On each stage of the game, players are asked to complete certain requirements before moving onto the next area of town. These may ask gamers to earn a set number of points, remove special ice tiles from the board, and so on.

Gameplay in Smiley Boom is similar to that of other match-three games, as users swap the placement of two Smileys to create matches of three or more like-colored orbs. Making a match of four or more Smileys, or matches in L or T shapes, results in a power-up on the board, capable of removing large groups, whole lines or rows of Smileys from the board.

Other power-ups are available to purchase with real money, and come in the form of dynamite sticks (destroy nine tiles in a group) and hammers (destroy a single tile), among others. Some powers must be purchased before starting a level, while others are available mid-stage.

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, and can compare their high scores with their Facebook friends on in-game leaderboards.

Smiley Boom is available to play for free on Facebook. The game will be updated with additional levels going forward.