Compilation Of iPad Reviewer Comments

Yesterday a bunch of reviews of the forthcoming Apple iPad were published, primarily from mainstream media sources. The Next Web site has done a nice job of compiling a list of the positive and negative points from all of the reviews in the following article..

A Complete List of Positives and Negatives of the iPad From Hand-on Reviews

If you are considering purchasing the iPad, I recommend that you read through the list. Of the positives, the most important to me is the one regarding battery life. Apple claims we will get ten hours of battery life out the iPad, and Walt Mossberg says he saw better than that, getting 11 hours and 28 minutes. Because the iPad is intended to be used while on the go, long battery life is a must in order for it to be useful.

Another positive that is meaningful to me are the remarks about the keyboard usability. I am curious whether I will be able to touch type on the iPad, and I don’t expect to really be able to. Still, having the buttons located where my fingers expect them means I can probably hunt and peck pretty fast.

Of the negatives, one that I am concerned about is the weight of the iPad. There are a couple of comments noting that the iPad is heavier than the Kindle, and presumably that will also be true in comparison to the nook. We knew from the specifications that the iPad is heavier, so because the reviewers make an effort to point this out, it must be noticeable. I am also not happy that you can’t take notes in the iBooks app, and the comment about readability in sunlight means to me that I might have problems using the iPad out on the patio this summer.

Overall, I think all of the reviews have been pretty positive, and there aren’t many negatives that are surprises. All of the reviewers pointed out that the iPad has no ports other than a unique docking port, so the iPad is tied to the Apple ecosystem. An example of this issue is the $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit, which you can use to connect a USB camera or import photos via a SD card. Similar adapters for a notebook computer might cost half that price, but you have no choice if you want the to ability to transfer pictures directly to the iPad. Despite this, I have not yet seen anything that causes me to determine that I will not buy an iPad.

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