Competition Heating Up As MOG, Rdio Enter Mobile Streaming Music Market

The world of mobile streaming music just got a little more interesting as social music blog MOG and startup Rdio prepare to enter the market with apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone users. Pitching themselves as cloud-based alternatives to the iTunes store, both companies hope to make a dent in a market which includes players like Rhapsody and Apple. Unlike Apple’s iTunes however, both MOG and Rdio offer users the ability to stream music directly to their mobile device.
Rdio, backed by Skype and Kazaa creators Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, plans to include robust social features, with the ability to share opinions and recommend songs to friends. Rdio has a library of about 5 million songs, and mobile users have access to the entire catalogue for $10 per month.
MOG, similarly priced at $10 a month, boasts over 7.5 million songs, however they have no plans to include any social elements into their platform and instead will focus on a recommendation engine which will introduce similar artists randomly into the listener’s playlist.
When asked about the growing competition in the market Friis says he’s not worried.
“It’s fundamentally always about creating the best product. That’s what we think we did with Skype and that’s why it took off. This is the very, very early start of a whole new phase of music consumption. We think now is the right time.”
With Apple preparing to launch its own cloud-based streaming service after its acquisition of startup Lala, it looks to be a very interesting year for music on mobile devices.