Compete: US Unique Visitors to Facebook Up Another Whopping 10.7% in June

One of these months, Facebook’s growth in the US is going to slow down. June was not that month.

According to web metrics firm Compete, total uniques to Facebook’s main site were up 10.7% in June to 91.7 million US visitors. Traffic to Facebook Connect-enabled sites also increased 10.6% to 71.9 million uniques. Total uniques to all Facebook domains were up 8.5% to 122.6 million for the month.


Totalwww.facebook.comFacebook Connect
Unique Visitors122.6 MM91.7 MM71.9 MM
M/M growth8.5%10.7%10.6%
Y/Y growth248.2%166.5%N/A

Just to put that in perspective, US traffic to the main site has increased 65% in the last six months, up from 55 million visitors in December 2008, according to Compete. During the same time period, MySpace’s traffic is roughly flat at 60 million visitors (though it had a nice up month in June to return to beginning of year levels), while US traffic to Twitter has increased several times over from 4 million uniques in December to 23 million in June ( was up another 16% this month after holding steady in May).

Of course, Compete is just one data source, and reports often vary greatly amongst different web metrics firms. Nevertheless, 10% US audience growth to 91 million uniques continues to be a very impressive clip for Facebook at this stage.

Facebook: Up 8.5% overall in June to 122.6 million US uniques


MySpace: Up 7.2% overall in June to 61.0 million US uniques


Twitter: Up 16.6% overall in June to 23.0 million US uniques


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