Compete:’s US Reach Grew by 4.6% in April

Facebook US traffic data for April is in from Compete. During the last month, traffic to the main site grew by 4.6%, a healthy pace but also a slowdown from its torrid 11% monthly growth rate in March.

Totalwww.facebook.comFacebook Connect
Uniques104.1 MM76.8 MM60.0 MM
M/M growth14.4%4.6%40.9%

In addition, Facebook Connect continued to grow in terms of the total number of US internet users who are visiting Facebook Connect-enabled sites and using Facebook Connect-enabled desktop and mobile applications. While this number does not necessarily correlate to increased usage of Connect, it does mean that Connect is getting implemented across a variety of sites.

Meanwhile, MySpace traffic was flat for April at 55 million US uniques, and Twitter jumped to nearly 20 million total US uniques in the month, up an incredible 38.6% from April.

While the Compete numbers are just one estimate, it is notable that Facebook’s growth rate slowed considerably from March to a more sustainable pace. However,’s reach still grew by over 3.5 million US uniques during the month, to 76.8 million.