Compass Labs Profiles Fans, Followers Media Preferences

Social firm pairs new Facebook badge with analytics platform

Social marketing firm Compass Labs has launched a Facebook and Twitter analytics platform with all the standard bells and whistles around social campaign performance, including reach and performance metrics and demographic breakdowns. But the CLIQ Social Intelligence platform really amps knowledge when looking outside of Facebook or Twitter.

Within the platform, Compass Labs has created a media preferences dashboard that echoes the brand affinity tool that Facebook has been testing internally with select marketers, albeit with less data than Facebook has access to. (The platform launch is paired with news that the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer has received a PMD badge for Facebook’s analytics tool Insights.)

Compass Labs’ platform takes advantage of social data at its disposal to not only inform marketers’ Facebook and Twitter strategies, but help with non-social media planning as well. Based on the interest data fans’ and followers’ publish on their Facebook profiles or in tweets, Compass Labs is able to list media preferences so that a brand can see what TV shows, YouTube videos or online media sites its consumers like and then plot an ad buy on those properties. 

Compass Labs lists TV shows and YouTube videos according to uniqueness, said Dilip Venkatachari. That means that a marketer such as household eco-cleaner Seventh Generation can see that its fans and followers like to watch NBC’s Today Show. But that’s the case for a lot of consumers, including ones not as relevant to the brand. If Seventh Generation really wants to get in front of consumers most likely to become customers, the brand’s better off running ads during MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, according to platform analytics. 

But the dashboard shows more than media preferences of a brand's fans and followers. The Compass Labs’ platform allows marketers to compare their audience’s demographics, interests and media preferences with those of up to three other brands based on their Facebook Pages.

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