Compare Your Friends to Celebrities

Apples to OrangesShreeniwas Iyer and Srimoyee Chakraborty have come up with a new twist on superlatives. Rather than seeing which one of your friends best represent a given superlative, you can compare them to various celebrities. You can vote on who’s the most attractive, most artistic, a better dancer, most brave and a number of other character traits. Each of these votes are tallied up and then ranked against other Facebook members to determine who best represents each of those character traits world wide. Currently the leaderboard can only shows the top 25 Facebook wide or within your friends. It would be cool if they enabled it so that you could break it down by network or school. Aside from that this is a pretty catchy idea. The Apples to Oranges application has been experiencing significant growth which ranks among the most viral applications that have a user base of one to ten thousand users. While I can say from experience that it is difficult to stay atop the most viral applications for more than a couple days, I think thits application has a pretty good shot at long-term growth. The superlatives application has grown to over 35,000 users and is growing close to 40 percent a day so this one will definitely have a good shot. If you want to assign superlatives to your friends or celebrities, you should go grab the Apples ‘n’ Oranges application.